Review: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Title: Atomic Habits

Author: James Clear

Publisher: Avery

Genre: self-improvement

Source: bookstore

Publication Date: October 18, 2018

Making new habits and breaking old ones come down to a simple idea in James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits: clear systems. If your habits are bad, it’s because your systems are bad. Clear walks through the four laws that define habit building: make it obvious, make it attractive, make it easy, and make it satisfying. He also explores the inverse of each law and gives actionable examples of how to set the laws in motion to change your systems. After all, as he posits, greatness doesn’t come from making huge sweeping changes, but becoming 1% better in your life. Every time you improve by 1%, it builds until you have something great.

I highly enjoyed this book and found it very informative. Like The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, Clear breaks a habit down into cue >routine>reward. However, I found Atomic Habits more actionable with clearer steps as to how to start building new habits and breaking old ones. I like his idea that you only have to get 1% better in every aspect of your life instead of having to go whole hog as well. In addition, the book was easy to read and written in an almost conversational style. The stories and examples he told were straight and to the point and clearly connected to the law he was expounding on. I also liked that he mixed up building new habits with breaking bad ones and clearly showed how good and bad habits were mirrored.

I highly recommend this book. With the new year, it’s the perfect time to start looking at what you want to change in your life and this book will help map out a road map to do that. It’s well written, engaging, interesting, and illuminating. Atomic Habits is a wonderful read.