November Wrap-Up

So, November was a weird month. It went by really quickly, but also felt really long. I’m not quite sure how that happens.

Highlights: I won NaNoWriMo my first time out. I figured I probably could, since I’d just written a novel the previous month, but at times, I was sure I was going to fail. My initial outline was way too bare and if I’d stuck to it, I wouldn’t have met the 50,000 word goal. Luckily, I was able to flesh out the plot once I was in and met it the day before Thanksgiving.

I also ran my first 5K. I didn’t totally embarrass myself, which was awesome. I came in 24th out of 35th in my age bracket, which I felt was respectable. Also, it poured rain the entire time and was cold for California, but I had so much fun. I’m doing another on December 14th and one more on New Years Day.

I’m in the poncho.

The run on December 14th is the Jingle Bell Run to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. I’d be thrilled if you could donate to help support the cause. My former principal (and favorite principal) introduced me to this organization because she had rheumatoid arthritis. She never let it stop her, though, and even went horseback riding in Hawaii, among other adventures. My dad has arthritis, too, and I’m hoping the money that goes to the foundation will help find ways to make him more comfortable. You can click here and donate.

Read: 6 books

Categories: 5 adult, 1 YA

Types: 2 physical, 3 e-books, 1 audio

Pages: 1789

Hours listened: 9

Sources: 1 Goodreads Giveaway, 2 library, 2 ARC, 1 from the author

Rage by Jonathan Maberry

A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas

Think of England by K.J. Charles

Fable by Michele Packard

A Touch of Death by Rebecca Crunden

The Night Country by Melissa Albert

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So, overall, not my best month, but not my worst either. I was super busy and reading sort of fell by the wayside. I’ll catch up this month, though. I’ve already finished two books and I’m in the middle of two more.

How was your month? Any firsts for you? Let me know in the comments!

October Wrap-Up

I absolutely cannot believe it’s October all ready! It seems like this year is going by so quickly. Well, not October so much. It was definitely the 500 days of October for me, with the majority of those days crammed into the last two weeks, making them extra long. I did okay with reading. I read 6 books, which is fair for me. I’d like to read more, but I’ve got so much going on that I can’t seem to get above six or seven each month. But that’s okay; at least I’m reading and enjoying what I read, right?

In October I read 6 books:

1 audio

2 e-books

3 physical books.

I read 1693 pages,

listened to 10 hours 13 minutes.

Genres: 2 memoirs, 3 self-help, 1 fiction

4 books borrowed from the library and 2 purchased.

And, I’m just realizing that I also reread Girl, Wash Your Face, which means I read 7 books.

How was your month? I hope November is a great reading month for you!

September Wrap-Up

Another month in the books. It was a low-to-average reading month. I finished six books, which is less than August, but that’s okay. Even though I’m reading less,I don’t feel like I’m in a reading slump; I just don’t have that much time right now. I’m working, I had some health issues, and I’m trying to find time to write and be a little social. It’s a lot. As the saying goes, I can do anything, I just can’t do everything.

6 books: 1 audio, 1 e-book, 4 physical books

1333 pages (that’s terrible)

12 hours listening

3 YA, 2 mystery, 1 m/m romance (which was also a mystery)

1 purchase, 1 borrowed from my mother, 3 library, 1 ARC

Mistress of Nothing by Kate Pullinger

Treacherous is the Night by Anna Lee Huber

No Good Men by Thea McAlistair

Stepsister by Jennifer Donnelly

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The Alienist by Caleb Carr

Legendary by Stephanie Garber

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How was your month? Any goals for October? Drop a comment below and let me know!

August Wrap-Up

Phew! I made it to the end of August. And, by the skin of my teeth, I managed to finish 7 books. It wasn’t my best month, but I still feel it’s respectable. I was able to finish the last two last night, which is why I held off until the afternoon to make this post.

This month was really busy for me. I spent the first week recovering from my amazing kayaking trip I took the last week in July, and then, the next week, it was back to work. It was kind of a rough transition for me; after spending most of the summer sitting around in group therapy, my energy wasn’t as high as it was last year, so I was a lot more tired going back to teaching. But, I think I’m finally mostly adjusted and, with any luck, will get back to posting more regularly and reading more books.

In August, I read:

7 books: 2 e-books, 1 audio, 4 physical

1,828 pages

listened to 7.56 hours

2 YA, 1 m/m romance, 2 self-help, 1 mystery, 1 literary fiction

2 purchase, 2 ARCs, 3 library

Jack of Thorns by Amelia Faulkner

Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

All the Better Part of Me by Molly Ringle

A Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce

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And that was my month! I can’t wait for the next.

What are you looking forward to in September? Drop a comment below and let me know!