Review: Santa Daddy by Kiera Andrews

Title: Santa Daddy

Author: Keira Andrews

Publisher: KA Books

Genre: m/m contemporary

Source: Amazon

Publication Date: November 19, 2020

After graduating from college, Hunter has found himself unsure of what is the right direction for him. He knows he should get a job in an office, but can’t find anything that fits him. On top of that, he’s romantically and sexually inexperienced and can’t get out of his own way. Staying with his mother, Hunter agrees to help out an old friend and play a Christmas elf one last time.

And, there he meets the sexiest Santa imaginable.

Nick is everything Hunter could want: tall, muscular, and devastatingly handsome. Unfortunately, he’s grumpy, withdrawn, and takes an immediate dislike to Hunter. However, he grudgingly agrees to let Hunter work at Nick’s Christmas tree farm to earn a little extra cash for the holidays.

When a blizzard hits and strands Hunter at the farm, sparks fly. Hunter manages to worm his way into Nick’s heart, which is still grieving for his partner who died years before. Can he take a change on this new connection? Or will Nick, like Hunter, get in his own way.

I thought this was a fun, light, and fluffy Christmas read. Hunter was adorable and very relatable. He overthinks everything and doubts everything about himself. At the same time he desperately wants to do the right thing. The chemistry between him and Nick was hot and sweet at the same time.

Nick was also a great character. His partner had died years before and Nick closed himself off to the world. But his heart is also soft and he can’t say no to helping out kids. He finds he also can’t say no to the adorable Hunter, and soon finds himself slipping into a role his thougt he’d never play again.

There wasn’t much of a conflict in the novel, which was nice for a Christmas read. There’s an age gap that’s addressed by other characters, but it’s also recognized that Hunter, while young, is also an adult capable to making his own decisions. If you don’t like age gaps, that might not work, but I do, so it worked well for me.

Overall, I felt this was a fun and easy read. It was a little like eating cotton candy: fun and sweet, but not much substance. But, for a Christmas romance, I think that’s perfect.