Top 5 Reasons I Rate a Book 5 Stars

It’s Tuesday, but it feels like Monday. And last weekend felt like a month. It was something of a week, which you know if you read my weekly wrap-up. But, now it’s back to real life.

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Shanah at the Bionic Book Worm. Each week, participants are given a topic to answer. This week’s topic is Top 5 Reasons I Rate a Book 5 Stars.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

This is an interesting topic. I’ve really never thought why I give 5 stars, I just know when I need to. But, here I go.

Reason 1: When I’m finished with the book, I feel like bursting into song.

I know it’s a five star book when I finish and I’m super happy. And I show happiness by singing and dancing. So, when I finish a book and I’m ready to start singing, I know it’s a five star read.

Reason 2: I can’t put it down.

When I can’t go five minutes without reading the next bit of that book, it’s a five star read. If I have to put it down, and I’m eagerly anticipating reading it again, can’t think of anything else, I know that it’s got me hooked and is something special

Reason 3: I can’t wait to tell everyone about it.

I don’t know many readers in real life, but when I finish a book that I love, I just don’t care. I want to tell everyone about it and try to convince them to read it. If I’m ready to call up my aunt I only see at Thanksgiving and gush about the book, I know it’s five stars.

Reason 4: I want to reread it ASAP.

I reread books all the time (or, at least I used to before my TBR grew out of control). But I only very rarely pick up a book I just finished and read it again. If I want to do that, it’s a five star read.

Reason 5: I want to live in the world.

Some worlds, you just want to live in. Harry Potter, Infernal Devices, Parasol Protectorate, Narnia. They are just immersive and overwhelming and you want to wrap yourself in. If I want to do that, I know it’s been a five star read.

Those are my reasons for giving 5 stars. What are some of yours?