Review: Her Majesty’s Necromancer

Title: Her Majesty’s Necromancer

Series: Ministry of Curiosities (book 2)

Author: C.J. Archer

Publisher: C.J. Archer

Genre: paranormal

Source: Library

Publication Date: August 24, 2015

When bodies start disappearing from the local cemetery, Lincoln Fitzroy, the head of the Ministry of Curiosities, begins an investigation. His maid, Charlie, isn’t supposed to interfere, but she can’t help but stick her nose in and conduct an investigation of her own. She also is looking for information on her mother, a necromancer like herself. She hopes to find answers about her powers and where she comes from.

When Lincoln needs Charlie’s help in his investigation, Charlie is only too eager. She’ll do anything to not only make herself useful, but to gain his attention and admiration, not that he is very effusive in his praise. But, soon, things take a turn and Charlie is put in danger. Will Lincoln get there in time? Or, considering the state of their relationship, will he want to?

This was a highly enjoyable book. Once again, Archer has developed her interesting character and expanded her role. While I miss Charlie posing as a boy and surviving on the streets, I like to see how she’s able to settle more into her skin She’s grown more confident and sure of herself, and she’s holding her own against Lincoln’s taciturn nature and tendency to anger quickly.

I also really like the relationship between Charlie and Lincoln. There’s a nice tension between them, and obvious high regard, and fraught desire. I like the UST in this book. I thought it was well done and moved along nicely.

I am a little irritated that the only other woman of note is kind of a jerk. Lady Hartcourt went from being a tentative ally for Charlie to something worse in this book, and while plot-wise it works, the fact she’s the only other main character who’s a woman is frustrating.

Overall, though, the characters are enjoyable, the relationships are great, and the plot was interesting to read.

Yes, I recommend this. If you’re a fan of paranormal mysteries with a dash of romance, this book is up your alley.