Weekly Wrap-Up | November 17,2019

This week was all about parent conferences and writing. I managed to get my conferences done in three days. One day I had eleven conferences, starting at 1:15 and ending at 6. The best part was I managed to write over 2,000 words that day on my NaNoWriMo project. I wrote while waiting for parents to show up. Then on Thursday, I went to a teacher training and wrote during lunch (no one would sit with me) and during breaks. I also went to a write-in that night and had my best day of writing ever: over 3, 600 words. It made me confident that I could maybe one day do this for a living. I just need to get published.

I also decided to go to NetGalley and see if there were any books I wanted to read. I’m not entirely sure why I did that, because I have a huge TBR pile at the moment, but I went ahead and requested a few. I got approved for all but one, which is awesome. I also got another book called A Touch of Death by Rebecca Crunden, which I started last night and am really into. So, my reading life is full right now.

Monday: A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas (review)

Tuesday: Top 5 Authors I NEED to Read

Wednesday: WWW Wednesday

Thursday: Think of England by KJ Charles (review)

Saturday: Snippet Saturday – Dark Goddess

Monday: Fable by Michele Packard (review)

Tuesday: Top 10 Changes in my Reading Life

Wednesday: WWW Wednesday

Thursday: A Touch of Death by Rebecca Crunden (review)

Friday: Let’s Talk Bookish

What plans do you have for the upcoming week? Drop a comment below and let me know!

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