October Wrap-Up

I absolutely cannot believe it’s October all ready! It seems like this year is going by so quickly. Well, not October so much. It was definitely the 500 days of October for me, with the majority of those days crammed into the last two weeks, making them extra long. I did okay with reading. I read 6 books, which is fair for me. I’d like to read more, but I’ve got so much going on that I can’t seem to get above six or seven each month. But that’s okay; at least I’m reading and enjoying what I read, right?

In October I read 6 books:

1 audio

2 e-books

3 physical books.

I read 1693 pages,

listened to 10 hours 13 minutes.

Genres: 2 memoirs, 3 self-help, 1 fiction

4 books borrowed from the library and 2 purchased.

And, I’m just realizing that I also reread Girl, Wash Your Face, which means I read 7 books.

How was your month? I hope November is a great reading month for you!