ARC review: No Good Men

Title: No Good Men

Author: Thea McAlistair

Publisher: NineStar Press

Publication Date: September 16, 2019

Source: The author sent me a copy in exchange for a review.

Struggling writer and bodyguard for the mayor, Alex Dawson finds his work tedious, but it pays the bills and gives him time to think of his stories. Plus, he gets to work with his mentor and father figure, Donnie. Then, one night, he meets a gorgeous stranger in a club. Moments later, both the mayor and Donnie are killed by an unseen assassin.

Determined to bring justice to his mentor’s killer, Alex investigates a series of assassinations and attempts. He is drawn into the underworld of the city and discovers that the mayor and Donnie were involved in something crooked. His handsome stranger turns out to be the cousin of a mob boss involved in the conspiracy. Alex has to uncover the truth before a corrupt policeman pins the crime on him, but with a growing body count and series of near misses, he may be in over his head.

I highly enjoyed this book. Alex is such a neat character. He’s creative and sensitive, and he isn’t afraid to be who he is. Of course, he has to hide his homosexuality since this takes place in the 1930’s, but when he meets Sev, his golden-eyed stranger, he isn’t afraid to let his feelings show. He’s emotional and vulnerable while being strong and fearsome. I love his relationship with Daisy, a waif whose father is abusive and absent. She’s really being raised by the people in the neighborhood, and I the way she interacts with everyone.

Sev is another delight. He’s lethal and dangerous, just what you’d expect from a man with the reputation for being an assassin, but also a victim of his time. As an unmarried man, he’s still living with his mother. His life and reputation are endangered by his sexuality, but he’s smooth and cool and does what he wants. I love his relationship with Alex. You could really see how enchanted Sev was by Alex and how Alex’s innocence appealed to him.

I hope people read this book because it’s a delight. The characters were wonderful, the mystery engaging, and the setting was picture perfect. I could really visualize the run-down neighborhood hit hard by the Depression. I don’t know if the author is planning a sequel, but I definitely would be down to read the further adventures of these two.