Review: Treacherous the Night

Title: Treacherous is the Night

Author: Anna Lee Huber

Publisher: Kensington

Length: 322 pages

Source: Thrift Books

Verity Kent sympathizes with others desires to connect with those beyond the grave, but she doesn’t believe that a medium can really accomplish that. She agrees to accompany her friend to a seance out of duty, not because she really believes. During the seance, the medium channels a woman Verity knew during the war when she was an undercover agent. A woman that Verity is sure is alive. Someone must be trying to send her a message. But is it her friend or someone who wants to draw Verity into a trap?

It’s not the best time for Verity to begin an investigation that will take her back to the war torn countryside of Europe. Her marriage is in a rocky state as she and her back-from-the-dead husband struggle to reconnect. But someone has reached out to her and Verity cannot rest until she solves this mystery.

Anna Lee Huber has done it again. This book was so good. Verity is amazing. She’s smart and strong and does what she needs to uncover the truth. I like her struggles with her husband, because while they feel natural and, at times, frustrating, they also feel very real. They were young when they married and have spent most of their marriage a part from one another. Verity believed herself to be a widow and now she has to face the reality of what she did during that time and find a way to live with it.

I loved learning more about her time as a spy. Huber makes the danger very real and present. Not just Verity’s struggles, but her husband’s as well. I had to stop reading a couple times because I was upset imagining what it was like in the trenches for Sidney or putting up with German soldiers while maintaining her cover, like Verity had to.

They mystery was interesting as well. I liked the way all the treads came together and the slow reveal of what was going on. It was a masterful job.

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