Review: On the Come Up

Bri has dreams of being a rapper, following in the footsteps of her father, who was killed before he made it big. Drawn to words and rhythm, craving the limelight, perhaps, most of all, Bri sees rap as her way out of her neighborhood and as a way to help her struggling family. After an incident at school sparks a song in her, the song goes viral, but starts attracting a notoriety that she didn’t quite intend. Now, there’s trouble in her family, trouble in her neighborhood, and trouble at school. Can Bri find a way out? Or will her dream be taken away from her?

This is such a fantastic book! Bri is so incredibly realistic and sympathetic. There were so many parts I got angry on her behalf and at the injustices that she faced. I admire her drive and her talent. I felt so sorry for her, trying to do what was best, being manipulated by outside forces, and dealing with things that no sixteen year old should have to deal with. She was amazing.

Like The Hate You Give, all the characters felt very real, like they were in my house while I was reading. I don’t know how Angie Thomas does it, but she breathes a life into her characters that I rarely see. They fell like flesh and blood people that she’s recording and jump off the page.

I just think this is an incredible book. It’s easy to relate to the characters and to feel what they are feeling. The plot is interesting, the songs are good, and the ending leaves you satisfied. Angie Thomas is amazing and I cannot wait to read more from her.

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