Review: The One

With the Selection down to just four girls, the competition is heating up. America lives in a constant state of tension, unsure if she really has Maxon’s love, afraid of the king and his power, and insecure about her place with the other girls. Then, the Northern Rebels approach Maxon and America and offer their support in return for help. At the same time, the Southern rebels start threatening the castes if the Selection is not called off. Times are tense and America has to learn to be strong.

I enjoyed this book so much more than The Elite. Not only did America stop taking dangerous chances with Aspen, but there was more of the politics involved. I do think there could have been more and the world could have been fleshed out more deeply, but for a mostly lighthearted book, I’ll take what I can get.

I thought the plot was good and I liked the inclusion of the Northern Rebels and their goals and aims. I wish there had been more involvement of the Southern Rebels and that they had been given a face, even just to vilify them. They stayed this shadowy threat the entire time, and I really would have liked to get to know them and their agenda.

I also really liked how America came into her own and started being proactive. What made it so great was that she wasn’t doing and saying things as part of the competition, but out of genuine concern for the people. It really showed that she’d be capable of being princess if she one.

Overall, this series was light and entertaining. I would never call it great literature, but it was a nice read and a fun time.

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