Review: G is for Gumshoe

Title: G is for Gumshoe

Author: Sue Grafton

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

Pages: 261

It’s a big day for Kinsey Millhone: she turns thirty-three, gets to move back into her apartment, is hired to find an old woman living out by Palm Springs by herself, and gets a hit taken out on her. At first, tough-as-nails Kinsey thinks she can manage the threat to her life on her own, but when a near miss leaves her in the hospital, she decides to hire a bodyguard Robert Dietz, a PI who takes his job guarding Kinsey’s body very seriously. Battered and bruised, Kinsey pursues her missing persons case with Dietz by her side and soon uncovers a dark secret that has haunted one women for years. At the same time, she and Dietz face an unpredictable adversary with a past of his own.

I feel like I say this every time I read another Kinsey Millhone book, but this is definitely my favorite. Before, I thought C is for Corpse was the best, but there was just something about this book that spoke to me. I love it when the main character is totally competent and strong, and yet comes up against something that’s bigger than herself and has to reach out for help. I really liked Dietz. He was practical and steady and let Kinsey to her own thing with minimal interference. He didn’t take risks with her life, but neither did her try to stop her from living her life. There relationship was really well done. They played off each other well, had great chemistry, and I hope that he shows up in another book down the line. He’s a great complement to Kinsey.

The mystery was a little odd. It took the backseat to the threat to Kinsey’s life, and that was okay. It was interesting enough that when the book went back to it, I was engaged and wanted to know what was happening, but I was more interested in the A-plot. There were also long periods of time when the mystery wasn’t even brought up and that was okay. Having something low-key for Kinsey to do served the book well.

If you’re looking for a solid mystery with good characters and relationships, you can’t go wrong with the Kinsey Millhone books. This was a solid addition to the series.

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