Book review: King of Fools

Title: King of Fools

Author: Amanda Foody

Publisher: Inkyard Press

Format: e-book

Having survived the Shadow Game, Enne Salta and Levi Glaisyer find themselves with prices on their heads and a newfound notoriety. Levi plans to use this to gain more power and status in New Reynes. He forms an alliance with Vianca Augustine’s son, Harrison, in a complicated plot to bring Vianca down. Enne, in the meantime, under the guise of Seance, begins to make her name as a street lord and build her own gang. Both are still trapped by Vianca’s binding, and must navigate the world of politics, street gangs, and high society in order to come out on top.

This book was a lot of fun. There was a lot of political intrigue going on, which was interesting to read about. I liked Enne’s story line the most. She is determined to take down the people who killed her mother and stake her own claim on the world, and she’s going to do it on her terms. She makes a lot of uncomfortable compromises and isn’t always happy with the choices she’s forced to make, but she’s a force and enthralling while making them.

I continue to be less interested in Levi, although I am sympathetic to his plight. He wants fame and fortune, but is sensitive and feels remorse when his choices are bad for his friends. I really like that he’s bisexual and that plays a large part in this book. I like that, even if he’s not my favorite character, I can empathize with him and root for him, wanting him to succeed. 

Overall, this was a gripping book that was hard to put down. It moved at a good pace and had lots of surprises that kept me guessing. I loved seeing Enne start coming into her own power, and the ending makes me desperate for the next book. Darn those cliffhangers!

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