Sunday Post – April 7

It’s Sunday once again and I’m recapping my week with the Sunday Post. The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by the Caffeinated Reader. It’s a chance to share news, recap the past week on your blog, and showcase books and things you’ve received. The rules are here: The Sunday Post.

I started this week taking a day off from work to recover from WonderCon and get all the things I needed done for the week. I grocery shopped, did laundry, went to the gym, and napped. I was exhausted and that was my theme for the week: exhaustion. I was barely hanging on all week. I also hard car trouble, which is always fun. I’d gotten an oil change and my transmission fixed, but they didn’t tighten something so my car leaked fluid for a day. I got it fixed and it’s okay, but it was hassle to deal with. Thank goodness for AAA.

Most of the week, I just worked, came home, read, and played on the internet. Not much to report.

Posts for the week:

March Wrap-up

Book review: A Curious Beginning

Top Ten things that make me pick up a book

Book review: Stalking Jack the Ripper

WWW Wednesday

Book review: The Hazel Wood

Book review: The Tiger Queen

Book review: Eliza and Her Monsters

Looking at that list, I think I posted too much. I’m so eager to post reviews as well as memes that I doubled up some days. The problem is, I’m going to run out of books to review! Luckily, I’ve got spring break coming up so I can catch up on my reading. But I need to slow down and not overextend myself.

Currently Reading:

I enjoy listening to audio books, but I hate how long they take. I can only really listen to them while I’m driving because otherwise I fall asleep, so I only listen about an hour a day. But I’m getting close to the end of Red Queen and it’s gotten really exciting.

Upcoming Week:

Monday: Book Review of An Artless Demise by Anna Lee Huber

Tuesday: Top 5 Romantic Reads (technically, this was last week’s prompt, but I missed it)

Wednesday: WWW Wednesday

Thursday: Book Review of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

That’s all I have planned out for right now, but I’ll think of something to post the other days.

That was my week. How was yours?

7 thoughts on “Sunday Post – April 7

  1. I agree about audiobooks! I have to be driving or doing something like cleaning to really listen to them so it feels like they take forever. They certainly make commuting a lot more bearable though, lol.

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    1. The really do! My drive is about a half hour, and it seems so much shorter when I’m listening to a book. I finally finished Red Queen last night (I may have driven a few extra places to try and get it done.;) And now I’m listening to Good Omens, which is really good. I look forward to my drive tomorrow!

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  2. I also try not to double post. There are so many things to read though!

    There are activities besides driving. I do cooking, laundry, sometimes yard work, running errands like grocery shopping, and knitting or quilting. Once you get used to listening during chores it’s second nature. Happy reading!

    Here is my Sunday Post   


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