Book Review: A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn

Veronica Speedwell has just buried her aunt, which means she is finally free to resume traveling around the world, collecting butterflies and indulging in the occasional romantic dalliance. However, her plans change when she finds her house has been ransacked and is almost abducted herself. She manages to elude abduction with the help of a German baron who claims he knew her mother. Believing her to be in great danger, he leaves her with a friend named Stoker… only to be murdered in the night. Now, Stoker and Veronica must combine forces an uncover the truth about the murder and how it all relates to Veronica.

I enjoyed this book. The mystery was twisting and turning and kept me guessing up through the end. I liked the character interactions and the slow burn romance. The leads had good chemistry and worked well together. The various locations they went to were novel and interesting. I liked that things didn’t go perfectly and a few of the events took me by surprised.

However, Veronica was a little hard for me to take in the beginning. She knows everything about everything. Nothing takes her by surprise. Anytime something new happened, or she was put in a new situation, she already had the background to deal with it. In some cases, she seemed to know more than the people who were supposed to be experts. It got to be a little annoying. I guess I prefer a more fish-out-of-water character who is discovering things as they go along, not someone who already knows it all. But, as the book went on, I warmed up to her. I do love that she speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to be her authentic self. I like the way she relates to and interacts with other characters, especially women. I liked the relationship between her and Stoker.

Overall, this was an entertaining read and I’m looking forward to reading more in the series. Three out of five stars.

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