Book Review: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

After successfully completing a dangerous heist, Kaz Brekker and his crew should be living high off their reward. Instead, they’re right back where they started: broke, demoralized, and fighting for their lives. With enemies on every side, the crew must once again band together to save one of their own and get what they deserve.

I liked this book a lot better than I did Six of Crows. Not that Six of Crows wasn’t good, but it was a big struggle for me. I wasn’t used to the world, the writing style took me some time to get used to, and the characters were hard for me to warm up to.

Crooked Kingdom, however, was like visiting old friends. The characters I struggled with the first time around were suddenly full of life, unique, and welcoming. I grew to love them, especially Nina and Inej. I rooted for each and every character, mourned their failures and took joy in their triumphs.

I also liked the plot. Like the first, everything is twisted and convoluted. I love that Kaz is always running not one game, but two or three. I enjoyed trying to predict if something was part of his plan or something that had truly gone wrong. While slow in the beginning, the plot picks up around the middle and had me on the edge of my seat. The ride was amazing and the ending was satisfying. I’m glad I didn’t skip Crooked Kingdom; it was the perfect end to the duology and one that made all my struggles with the ‘verse completely worth it.

Four out of five stars.