Book review: Hexhunter by Jordan L. Hawk

Bill Quigley, police detective and liaison to the Metropolitan Witch Police, has been in love with Isaac since Bill helped rescue the familiar from captivity over two years ago. Isaac is in love with Bill, but is convinced that he’s too broken and ruined to ever be someone Bill could love.

When a nun is murdered, and potential familiar children are revealed to be missing, the two come together to solve the case. Proximity brings long buried feelings to the surface, and the two men have to decide if they can continue to ignore it or succumb to their passion.

I was looking forward to this book so much, and I wasn’t disappointed. I love pining. I love unresolved sexual tension, and I love self-worth issues. I felt so bad for Isaac. Rejected by his witch and then abused by another, he believes that there is something fundamentally wrong with him and his magic. He loves Bill, but doesn’t want to taint him with Isaac’s spoiled magic. I love how patient and loving Bill was toward Isaac, even before they got together. He wants what’s best for Isaac, even if it’s only friendship.

There were several things I liked that happened in this book. Bill and Isaac had a unique relationship in some ways compared to the other couples. But this book was very romantic and sexy. I love this world and I’m so glad that Jordan L. Hawk is still exploring it.

Four out of five stars

(Does anyone know where to get clipart of four stars? I can’t find any.)