Book Review: Heretics Anonymous by Katie Henry

Michael has just started a new school: St. Clare’s Catholic school. The only problem is, he’s an atheist. When a girl in his theology class challenges the teacher, he thinks he’s found a kindred spirit. However the girl, Lucy, proves to be a devote Catholic, and Michael despairs until she confesses her secret: she’s part of a club called Heretics Anonymous, a group of eclectic outcasts who feel stifled by the schools strict rules.

With Michael’s prodding, HA moves from strictly a group to gripe about their situation to one that takes action and tries to change the stifling climate at school. But when Michael takes it too far, he has to find a way to reconcile with his friends, family, the faculty, but, most of all, his conscience.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick read with very engaging characters and an interesting plot. I identified with Michael and his problems fitting in to his conservative surroundings. He was rash and thoughtless, but had a good heart and his actions were always understandable.

I also really liked Lucy. Her faith and the way she talked about it was compelling. I’m not religious in any way, but I love when characters talk about faith in a way that sparks something in me. Lucy did that. She has faith, but it isn’t that of a blind, unquestioning variety; she challenges and researches and knows what she’s talking about. Faith and religion are a living, breathing thing to her, and it makes her an interesting character.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun, thought-provoking read that discusses religion and faith without proselytizing or mocking it.

Four out of five stars

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