Welcome to My Thoughts

Hi everyone! My name is Kelly and I have books on the brain! I love everything about books and reading. I’ve been a reader since I was a small child and never got out of the habit of having a book with me wherever I go. I usually read about three books at a time. It used to be two, but then I discovered the joy of audio books and was able to add to my reading schedule. There’s nothing quite like spending the drive to work immersed in an author’s world.

A little about me: I am a second grade teacher. I live in California. I have two cats who don’t like each other very much but are both fond of me. Besides reading, in my spare time I like to write, work out, and watch movies and TV. My favorite superhero is Captain America. My favorite movie is Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. And, my favorite books is Beauty by Robin McKinley. In fact, Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite fairy tale, and I will read as many retellings as are published.

This blog is a space for me to write about my thoughts on books. I’ll write reviews, monthly wrap ups, favorites lists, etc. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and will follow and comment on this blog. I love talking to people about books and I am here for community.